Friday, April 18, 2014

Untitled: A Nano Story by Ali Znaidi

Untitled: A Nano Story by Ali Znaidi

The thick snow looks like mayonnaise. Swallowing the pedestrians’ feet, it becomes a frigid cannibal. But, what a carnival!

26 02 2014

Euphoria: A Nano Story by Ali Znaidi

Euphoria: A Nano Story by Ali Znaidi

She would prefer not to plan splendid things because she is living in a garden of marvels right now.

26 02 2014

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Tunisian Desert by Ali Znaidi

Tunisian Desert

Sand soaked
in sleek satin.
Touching it
the soft
of a blonde.
Kissing it—
a paradise

Written 03 03 2013 Revised 23/09/2013

pastiche by Ali Znaidi


Mud clings to stones.
Stones cling to mud.
—Eagerness for pastiche.

Written 10 10 2013 Revised 03 04 2014

Three Short Poems by Ali Znaidi

The Shape of Inexistence

When the night comes
existence takes the shape
of inexistence for those
who have no home
but the streets’ laps,
for those who queue,
           as usual,
waiting for new sorrows,
        & above all,
for those whose morning
is not yet to come.

Written 16 10 2013


feathers of a crow
shine through
the empty shot glass.
—A (jailed) triptych.

Written 25/10/2013

Platonic Forms

I loved the shadows
of candles in the dark,
& I suppose
this love still persists
but in platonic forms.

Written 25/10/2013