Saturday, November 1, 2014

A Modern Tanka by Ali Znaidi

A Modern Tanka by Ali Znaidi

Halloween party
is over.
Ants’ eyes glitter
through a punctured balloon.
—A used pumpkin.

Written 01/11/2014

Monday, May 26, 2014

Worm in the Bookshop by Ali Znaidi

Worm in the Bookshop

There’s a worm in the bookshop over there.
She is creeping up the books searching for a lair.
She likes to hide because she doesn’t like to be used as a bait.
She is always hiding. That’s her inevitable fate.

There’s a worm in the bookshop down the street.
She is very cautious not to be trodden by the clients’ feet.
She is climbing the bookshelves searching for a refuge.
She is very astounded with all those books – tiny or huge.

There’s a worm in the bookshop next to the pub.
She is searching in the books for some hearty grub.
She is searching for nectar to quench her thirst
because for her knowledge always comes first.

Narratives will go with the wind and perish,
if writers don’t write and publishers don’t publish.
Books combat the oblivion of time’s rust;
either alive in a reader’s hand(s) or buried in a shelf’s dust.

There’s a worm in the bookshop in the city center.
She is hiding from the public glare— the eyes of the hunter.
There’s a worm in the bookshop. See! She’s devouring a book
because she likes to be considered as an intellectual (angry) kook.

Written 22 12 2013

Acned Discourse: An Experimental Short-short Story by Ali Znaidi

Acned Discourse: An Experimental Short-short Story by Ali Znaidi

Acned Discourse
________________________________________________. ___________________! ________________________? ……/……/……/…/………/………/…. __________. & the
decapitated discourse still oozes from the blocked pores of the tongues.

Written 21 12 2012

Friday, April 18, 2014

Untitled: A Nano Story by Ali Znaidi

Untitled: A Nano Story by Ali Znaidi

The thick snow looks like mayonnaise. Swallowing the pedestrians’ feet, it becomes a frigid cannibal. But, what a carnival!

26 02 2014

Euphoria: A Nano Story by Ali Znaidi

Euphoria: A Nano Story by Ali Znaidi

She would prefer not to plan splendid things because she is living in a garden of marvels right now.

26 02 2014

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Tunisian Desert by Ali Znaidi

Tunisian Desert

Sand soaked
in sleek satin.
Touching it
the soft
of a blonde.
Kissing it—
a paradise

Written 03 03 2013 Revised 23/09/2013

pastiche by Ali Znaidi


Mud clings to stones.
Stones cling to mud.
—Eagerness for pastiche.

Written 10 10 2013 Revised 03 04 2014

Three Short Poems by Ali Znaidi

The Shape of Inexistence

When the night comes
existence takes the shape
of inexistence for those
who have no home
but the streets’ laps,
for those who queue,
           as usual,
waiting for new sorrows,
        & above all,
for those whose morning
is not yet to come.

Written 16 10 2013


feathers of a crow
shine through
the empty shot glass.
—A (jailed) triptych.

Written 25/10/2013

Platonic Forms

I loved the shadows
of candles in the dark,
& I suppose
this love still persists
but in platonic forms.

Written 25/10/2013

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Tip-of-the-tongue Phenomenon by Ali Znaidi

Tip-of-the-tongue Phenomenon

You think it’s sugar at the tip
of the tongue. I agree.

Sugar sketching cupcakes on the

A mirage yielding real water.

Asphyxiated aspirations

Inside my brain, broken images

& dream tastes sweet,
though I’m still under the tip-of-the-tongue

Written on 28 02 2013

Originally published in The Siren on 05 02 2014

Mother Nature by Ali Znaidi

Mother Nature

From time to time,
try to take off your shoes,
& let the hot sand
caress your bare feet.
Let them feel the touches
of the scorching grains.
Let the grains infiltrate
your veins, while you ponder.
Heal your weary psyche
w/ the sand’s aroma.
&, always remember that
Earth is too great to
let two little feet
tread on its GRANDEUR.

16 10 2013

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Untitled: A Nano Story by Ali Znaidi

Untitled: A Nano Story by Ali Znaidi

They celebrated their first date in a love motel. But they didn’t know their sweat would ooze through the tabloids’ sheets by the sunrise.

26 02 2014

Untitled: A Nano Story by Ali Znaidi

Untitled: A Nano Story by Ali Znaidi

She fixed her glossy lipstick and aimed the beam at him. “He is not an easy prey. I had to try something else,” she said as he didn’t react.

26 02 2014

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Paranoia: A Nano Story by Ali Znaidi

Paranoia: A Nano Story by Ali Znaidi

Paranoid about getting older, he grows a new mint plant every morning in the garden of his decayed house.

10 02 2014

A Short Failed Marriage: A Nano Story by Ali Znaidi

A Short Failed Marriage: A Nano Story by Ali Znaidi

She concealed her grief under a party hat & a glittering smile in the dance floor of a nightclub.

10 02 2014

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Steelwork by Ali Znaidi


Before landing on earth
             Adam did not forget to steal steel from hell.
He stole steel to forge bars and fabricate fortified prisons’ doors.
He stole steel to make sharp stainless swords.
He stole steel to create all kinds of manacles.
Without stealing steel Cain couldn’t kill Abel.
Without stealing steal
             tales of tortures and stories of slaughters couldn’t be written.
Without stealing steal
             anthracite wouldn’t be extracted from the underground
             & skins couldn’t be grilled.
 Without stealing steel                                         
             barbeques of grilled skins couldn’t be prepared
             to the delight of hungry cannibals.
Without stealing steal
             weapons of mass destruction
             couldn’t see the light.
But the light in Adam’s heart made him bring steel from heaven
             to till soils,
             plough fields,
             & make swords to break all kinds of manacles.

06 03 2012

Extinction by Ali Znaidi


Another green tree
I mean naked mountains
& plains.
Another music radio station
shuts up—
I mean a bird singing
on a bough
shot dead.
Another Juliet
I mean a bird feeding
his lover
a venomous worm
enriched with
toxic pesticide.

23 04 2012

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A Thesis by Ali Znaidi

 A Thesis by Ali Znaidi

I am pretty much anti-lengthiness and wordiness in poetry. I have a penchant for distilled and concise poems. But this does not mean straightforwardness because a poem always requires a certain degree of density.

24 01 2014

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

100 Magazines=100 Candles

The 100 magazines & journals which have, to date (January 7, 2014), published my poetry: