Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Australian Horoscope by Ali Znaidi

Australian Horoscope

The Magpie, March 21-April 20

The sun will return and engulf your realm with sublime lights.
You have to seize the opportunity and capture the cherry blossom
before the return of the owl. The sun will make you amaze people
with enigma and light.

The Kookaburras, April 21-May 21

The leaves of the tree woman begin to fall. That is a bad omen.
But if you are brave enough, you can bring luck through chasing
the sunrise in Antarctica.

The Bowerbird, May 22-June 21

You can’t imagine how mysterious your life would be
if you dwell in the cave for a period of time just to ponder.
And if you like to cast a spell on the opposite sex, just forget
about decorating your bower because simplicity has its enigma, too.

The Rainbow Lorikeet, June 22-July 22

Just keep looking at the horizons because your luck
is buried in a little cloud that is hiding behind the rainbow.
The day you will shoot that cloud with your arrow,
the rain will fall and fill in your empty buckets with water of luck.

The Kangaroo, July 23-August 23

Your heart is telling you to stand just in the middle and watch.
But your fate is going to be hit by a beefy brawny buffalo if you don’t move.
If you find it difficult to move, just begin with trivial things.
Try to change your pillow. Maybe, a new pillow can make your life start afresh.

The Rabbit, August 24-September 22

Don’t drink water all day not just to experience thirst,
but also to remember that your life is inundated with water.
So if you like your life to be always fertile just don’t deny the water
and grow a rose in the desert to poison any daring snake.

The Koala, September 23-October 23

The crow is coming again cawing to encumber your weary soul.
So just follow that flock of sparrows and listen to their songs—
a panacea for all your aches.
Music will fill your termite-infested room with fresh air.

The Emu, October 24- November 22

Never lock your horse in the stable. Just saddle it and start out
trying to surpass the howling wind. When rekindled, your innate power
can grow olive trees in the North Pole.

The Crocodile, November 23-December 21

If you start eating a pizza, just finish it all.
Nothing can infest your life but those crocodile tears.
Don’t play the role of the victim.
You shall overcome all obstacles, if you don’t throw
half of your pizza in the dustbin.

The Turtle, December 22-January 20

Some people with prosthetic limbs did cage the dragon.
So just uncage fear from your heart,
and don’t forget that Venus is watching over you
on top of your shell.

The Eucalyptus, January 21-February 18

Welcome to the wilderness!
Finally, you are going to learn how to sleep
without blankets next to thousands of scorpions.

The Redback Spider, February 19-March 20

If you don’t know the goat’s monologues in the
haunted cave, you are missing out like a crazy.
What you need is some strangeness to spice up
the emptiness of your life.

Written on 11/03/2012 & published in Phantom Kangaroo on 13/04/2012

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