Wednesday, October 9, 2013

A Desperate Housewife by Ali Znaidi

A Desperate Housewife

She anxiously sat in front of her computer
wondering why he no longer wanted to chill in her lap.
Her head was spinning & she even doubted in her beauty.
She didn’t understand why that love lost its sap.
She is always in front of this frigid machine.
His absence makes her stitch sorrow and pain.
She feels her rose is withering and losing scent.
She is in front of her machine waiting for a new rain.
All males give her compliments and praise her beauty.
But why on earth that great love and affection dim?
She was still in front of her machine pondering
if he just walked away on a whim.

Written on 27/08/2012 & published in Daily Love on 23/09/2012.

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