Thursday, February 13, 2014

Steelwork by Ali Znaidi


Before landing on earth
             Adam did not forget to steal steel from hell.
He stole steel to forge bars and fabricate fortified prisons’ doors.
He stole steel to make sharp stainless swords.
He stole steel to create all kinds of manacles.
Without stealing steel Cain couldn’t kill Abel.
Without stealing steal
             tales of tortures and stories of slaughters couldn’t be written.
Without stealing steal
             anthracite wouldn’t be extracted from the underground
             & skins couldn’t be grilled.
 Without stealing steel                                         
             barbeques of grilled skins couldn’t be prepared
             to the delight of hungry cannibals.
Without stealing steal
             weapons of mass destruction
             couldn’t see the light.
But the light in Adam’s heart made him bring steel from heaven
             to till soils,
             plough fields,
             & make swords to break all kinds of manacles.

06 03 2012