Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Five Experimental Sonnets by Ali Znaidi

Sonnet 1

You can read sonnet 1 here

Sonnet 2

You can read sonnet 2 here

Sonnet 3

You can read sonnet 3 here

Sonnet 4

He escaped the grey town.
The colour grey harmed the eyes.
The eyes wanted to see other colours
diluted w/ desire.
The colour grey—ash in the ashtray,
grey pebbles prisoned in asphalt,
scents of a burnt tyre:
All coerced the poor eyes.
Same colour cuffed the eyes
from eyelash to eyelash.
The eyes wanted to see prairies, so lush.
Even a flash of greenness would suffice.
It would set the eyes aglow,
saving them from a deathblow.

Written 13/04/2012

Sonnet 5

You can read sonnet 5 here

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