Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Three Haiku by Ali Znaidi submitted to the HaikuNow! international contests 2012

The Haiku Foundation here created the HaikuNow! international contests to expand opportunities for writers of English-language haiku. Prizes will be awarded for English-language haiku in three categories: traditional, contemporary and innovative. Results of 2012  were announced on April 17. For past winners, see the HaikuNow! Archive here.
These are the haiku I submitted on March 26, 2012 for this contest

Traditional Haiku

rain mingles with mud—
the big house falls asunder
wallpaper keyholes

Written 17/09/2011

Contemporary Haiku

a ripe fragrant apple thrown into
the dustbin
an educated  jobless

Written 11/05/2011

Innovative Haiku

worm injecting life into a corpse

Written 25/03/2012

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