Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Aftermath of the Revolution by Ali Znaidi

After every revolution
someone has to fill in big ponds with
tears of bereavement
that won’t dwindle.
Someone has to train his belly
 to swell and to protrude.
Someone has to stitch his perforated pocket
and make it very loose,
so illegal money
can get by.
After each revolution
herbs of arrivistes
blossom in gutters,
but they embellish them
to seem like fragrant roses.
After each revolution
someone has to lose a leg, a hand or a rib.
Someone has to lose the memory of a fully-fledged body.
Dismemberment is very cruel,
but someone has to trade
in this dismemberment,
saying:”That is the rule.”
After each revolution
egoistic hearts creep into the surface
suckling on the sweet sweat of the dismembered.
After each revolution
things might go well,
but this dark face of the coin is always there.

Written 19/02/2012

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