Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Strawberries of Speech by Ali Znaidi

Develop a nose for noise. That is, stop decoding and begin to get a
nose for the sheer noise of language…  Or stop listening and begin
 to hear…—S McCaffery

I am silenced again & to be
licensed infinitely     to speak again,
I compose a symphony of a liquid song
capable of resisting congealment and canning—
a liquid song never broken up by silence again.
From its ripples, so rich and large speech swells—
a song of freedom breaching the unbearable silence
because silence tastes like a rotten mustard.
The fluidity of freedom fears
nothing—a shield for the body’s and soul’s whim.
I license myself to speak—a terminal embrace of free speech,
despite any silencing power,
and to taste the strawberries of speech.
Though scissors are always there,
inside my mouth there is a tongue
a tongue a tongue
that makes me forget about annihilation.
A tongue that is ready to howl
“against the silences to come.”

[Against the Silences to Come is a poetry book written by Ron
Loewinsohn and published by Four Seasons Foundation in 1965.]

Written 03/02/2012

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