Saturday, September 21, 2013

London Lights by Ali Znaidi

London Lights

For London Miss Olympia 2012

Though it is called the city of fog,
& though most of the time black bleak clouds
are blankets for her bedroom skies,
London is always a source of light.
Lingering lights that never dwindle,
the way fine lustrous alabaster
always radiates from Aphrodite’s body.
Mysterious lights go cosmic
when reflected in her bedroom Eyes.
The full moon seems so rich
when entombed in the Thames river,
so crystalline & sleeky—
a panacea for weary souls.
Radiance and glow mingle.
London lights are rare to find.
They dazzle your eyes,
& quell the hunger
of your heart, spirit and mind.
Even the blind would thank God
for not going astray
because London lights are such
a tender guide—
an onyx rainbow watching over
the city of fog,
creating cascades of fathomless/ endless
London lights
London light
London ligh
London lig
London li
London l


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