Friday, September 27, 2013

The Pencil by Ali Znaidi

The Pencil

studying longitudinally the pencil
I saw a lofty palm tree, not crowned
by palmate leaves,, but by a sharp
lead exhibition,, descriptive skill,,
an artist’s brush,,
lead replaces the sword, and the gun
the point crowning this thin rod
a fulcrum on which danger pivots
the use of an eyebrow pencil necessitates
dexterity, otherwise beauty stumbles
                studying those eyes
at some point was a good idea
but I remembered that danger pivots
on the point at the top of the thin rod
a set of layered dangers
the lead is more dangerous than the
eyebrow,, or ,,
the eyebrow is more dangerous than the
I still couldn’t find a clue

Written on 02/10/2012 & published in Message in a Bottle (Issue 15) on 28/06/2013

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